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You are aware of low interest rates. Thinking to fertilize money. Show us your trust and discover the benefits of active financial management.

Investing in funds is a sign of financial maturity, as well as the payment of insurance or keeping money in savings. The fund selects according to your financial goals, but also the quality of the management team.

Achieve goals

Over 10 years of positive experience in the securities and the complete independence of the roadmap are to achieve the desired financial results.

About Intercapital

Financial management

Availability of funds invested within 24 hours and personalized approach managers of your funds allow you to promptly decide.

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Rely on experience

Selection of fund selection is a team that is managed. Do you believe your fund manager can take into account more factors than the potential risk and profit.

Philosophy of investment

Work with the best

InterCapital Asset Management was founded with the aim of developing services to investment fund management and asset management. From the day of establishment we operate with positive results, and the number is growing 12 years in a row.

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For top results do not need a lot of money. It just takes knowledge and experience, which in ICAM-in we have plenty and we are ready to share it with you.